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Bebis Hotel

We have created, with a lot of attention to detail, a three-star hotel, where care is combined with architecture and natural materials, stone and wood, and which offers essential services, which gives our guests the chance to relax and rest. The rooms are defined by stone and wood, two raw natural materials which are harmonious with the carefully chosen decoration. Sunlight fills and warms the rooms, while at night, the discreet and soft lighting, combined with the fireplace in winter, offers warmth and calm. Earth colours and natural materials dominate the bar. The smart decoration brings the wood roofs and the modern furniture together. Soft music, indirect lighting, and a central fireplace are your invitation to enjoy hot beverages, choice wines, and refreshing drinks with a view of the azure Aegean. The courtyards and the garden are a natural extension of the main building. Stone walls, colourful flowers, abundant greenery, modern furniture and soft night lighting await you during spring and summer, so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature and every intense flavour.